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  • eHarmony is a scam. They will steal your money and provide nothing in return.

    Please warn all your friends NEVER to join eHarmony. If I could give them zero stars I would. It is a dishonest company that cons their clientele into committing for three months to a year. Then after 2 weeks of sending people who live nearby, a vast majority of which are clearly not a match to you in any way, they begin to send only EMPTY profiles of people who live a 1000 miles away or absolute NON-matches. They give no way for the member to search their site, they choose your seven matches a day and only do so if you allow eHarmony to email you. These matches begin to repeat within a... More...
    DavidJulian's Picture   DavidJulian    1 Comments   Comments
  • Took my money

    In March 2011 I re-signed up for eHarmony - a service that I had used successfully in the past. I purchased a 3 month membership, and was charged for the first month upfront (with an agreement to be billed monthly). I immediately attempted to update my profile, since some of my information was outdated - and was surprised to find that I couldn't make any changes at all. When I had been a member in the past, it was under a previous version of their webpage. The web pages either wouldn't load completely or would pretend to save changes, but nothing 'stuck'. I... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    crgirl's Picture   crgirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service

    This company is not an ethical company. I read a lot of bad reviews after I joined but, of course hind sight I wish I would have seen them prior. You're not able to get a live person at the Manager or Corporate level because they have so many people that are dissatisfied. Their own marketing department sends you promotional codes for you to re join at a lower rate and they don't honor them ! When you call Customer Service ...they tell you "sorry about that" but, I can sell you a subscription for $59.95 and give you 1 month free ???? The worst company I've ever had... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • worked for me!! :)

    I joined eharmony shortly after my divorce. I had a number of good matches and a number of bad matches. I pursued the good ones and some got to the point of meeting face to face. I thought it was working the way it should. After about 4 months, I met a wonderful woman and we got through the discovery process quite quickly and started emailing directly within 2 days. We met face to face a week later and were married within about 6 months. We have been married for five years, and those five years have been filled with more happiness than I ever knew in the 24 years of my previous marriage. More...
    whidbeypro's Picture   whidbeypro    0 Comments   Comments
  • eHarmony customer service

    I could not figure out why no new matches were sent to me until I was up late one night. At exactly midnight I was sent a whole bunch of new matches and one that closed the matched within one minute. Come on, nobody is that fast. I looked into the eHarmony help section and found something very interesting and proof that eHarmony is an out fraudulent business. One question in their FAQ asks the following.... Question Are my matches notified of the match at the same time I am? Answer Both parties are notified simultaneously when a match is made. Both must be... More...
    eharmonyfraud's Picture   eharmonyfraud    12 Comments   Comments
  • eHarmony sends you girlie magazines, even if you do not want them

    Dear Porn Purveyor, In January you apologize for sending me unsolicited porn. Now, it is March 22, 2009 and the Porn magazine is still being sent to me. I just received another one in today's mail. STOP STOP STOP You better believe I am going to be discussing this sickening act of yours on my television show. I have also filled out the appropriate form with the USPS. See their instructions below: Stopping receipt of unsolicited "obscene" mail You may file PS Form 1500 at a local Post Office to prevent receipt of unwanted obscene materials in the mail or to... More...
    asdfghjkl's Picture   asdfghjkl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Be Careful Giving eHarmony as a gift!

    BE CAREFUL giving EHarmony as a gift! Eharmony will screw you later by continuing to charge YOU…the gift-giver! It happened to us….we called them to resolve it – explaining to them that it is illegal to charge OUR card on a continuing basis WITHOUT OUR approval. They have every right to contact the account holder – and attempt to make arrangements for a continuing subscription – but it is purely illegal to allow the gift recipient to authorize OUR card to continue to be charged. And you know what they said? “We have to have the gift... More...
    vivakauai's Picture   vivakauai    0 Comments   Comments
  • only send with pictures

    As far as dating websites go I think this is the absolute worst! Don't pay the $. You have no ability to look at profiles on your own. You can only look at what their computer sends you. The majority of the profiles they send you have no pictures. You have to answer a ton of ?'s before you can close the match. It is a huge time suck! Try Yahoopersonals. It is 100% better! More...
    snickerspivey's Picture   snickerspivey    1 Comments   Comments
  • Expired Matching

    I tried Eharmony for 6 month then let it expire. They kept sending me offers that kept getting cheaper so after few months of this I signed up for additional 3 months. I decided I would contact anyone with a picture. And I also was in contact with people out of state. And my criteria was very liberal (this time) to see if I would receive any communications. I made it to communication with 2 both were over a 4 hour drive to meet. (we never met) I "started communication" with all just for the heck of it. Shortly after signing up a friend told me of plenty of fish. com . It a free... More...
    Dana1's Picture   Dana1    0 Comments   Comments


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